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A library of workouts and classes brought to you by our fantastic team of instructors and trainers.

About the Thames Club Online

Here at The Thames Club, we are committed to helping you stay fit and healthy, now more than ever! We are excited to have launched The Thames Club Online to bring our classes to you - whether you want to supplement your gym membership, or are not yet ready to return to the club, workout from the comfort of your own home or garden with the familiar and friendly faces of our instructors!

Video Workouts

A wide variety of workouts with our experiences instructors and trainers. From HIIT to resistance training, to low impact or holistic, choose something for any goal, any ability and any mood!

Expert Trainers

Our fun and friendly team of expert instructors will get you working hard whether you are in the club or not. They're committed to keeping you motivated and will guide and encourage you every step of the way, whether you're trying a brand new class or whether you've been doing classes for years!

Free to our members

As a member of The Thames Club you have full access to The Thames Club Online. We hope you enjoy this addition to your membership.

Our categoriesAll fitness levels catered for

Classes that get the heart rate up and will definitely make you sweat!
A high energy, martial arts inspired workout .
Dance 57
Move to music - get a great workout whilst enjoying the sounds and movements of Latin or Zumba, or simply exercise to music.
HIIT 175
High Intensity Interval Training: periods of hard work followed by time to rest and recover. Expect to get a sweat on!
Good for the body and mind. Keep the body fit whilst maintaining a focus on relaxation and mindfulness.
Tips for technique or how to use equipment.
Work hard whilst protecting joints. Great if you are taking care of an injury or prefer something that keeps your feet firmly on the ground (note - most other classes will have adaptations to accommodate low impact requirements).
Tips and discussions.
Develop strength, flexibility, posture and inner awareness. A holistic and low impact class.
Here you'll find previously streamed classes so why not catch up on one you missed, or repeat one that you particularly enjoyed!
Pump 26
A full body workout with weights. Dumbbells', barbells or tins of food from the cupboard will do!
Feel the burn in these classes - movements may focus on particular muscle groups. Weights may be required, but resistance training is still possible with limited equipment!
Get your legs working and a full cardio workout in these classes. Best used on a spin bike but give it a go on a turbo if you have one.
Aerobics using a step. Incorporating dance elements into the choreography.
A martial art incorporating deep breathing and relaxation with slow, controlled and flowing movements
Yoga 103
Stretch, and de-stress whilst also focusing on improving posture and muscle strength.

Available on all Devices

Enjoy the big screen experience on your TV, or watch on your tablet, laptop, phone and more. You can watch an ever-growing selection of workouts. Plus new content daily.

Your favourites will always stay with you, discover the best best workouts in the UK.

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